atlas series

Intelligent Solar Lighting

The Atlas Series Solar Street Light combines beautiful aesthetics with outstanding performance. It has a battery lifespan of over eight years, a simple installation process and seven to ten nights of lighting, even on low charge days. It has three modes of lighting and a motion sensor built in. It’s all you need in a solar light.

Suitable for parks, pools, community centres, bicycle ways, carparks or in places where no grid power is available

With eight models to choose from there’s an Atlas to suit your needs.


There are eight Atlas models available, ranging from 20 W to 100 W.

Star 8 solar lights maximise battery life and battery charge life because they incorporate Adaptive LightingVariable Frequency and Temperature Control patented technologies.


GLS-2K  (20 watt)  –  GLS-3K  (30 watt)  –  GLS-4K  (40 watt)  –   GLS-5K  (50 watt)  –   GLS-6K  (60 watt)  –   GLS7K  (70 watt)  –  GLS-8K  (80 watt)  –  GLS-10K  (100 watt)

Price Range – $429 – $1850


  • 7+ nights continual lighting
  • 3 years warranty (including battery)
  • 8+ years battery lifespan (1500 cycles)
  • PIR motion sensor
  • 3 lighting modes
  • Detachable battery pack and LED panel for easy maintenance
  • Available in 8 models


Models20W / 30 W / 40 W / 50 W / 60 W / 70 W / 80 W / 100 W
Lighting time7+ nights (fully charged)
Charge time10 – 11 hours (by bright sunlight)
Battery lifespan1500 cycles (8+ years)
Remote controlNo
PIR motion sensorYes
Solar panelsHigh-efficiency Monocrystalline
MaterialAluminium alloy and tempered glass
TechnologyAdaptive Lighting System / Temperature Control System / Variable Frequency Technology
Warranty3 years (incl battery)


 RedStays at 30% dim lighting from dusk until dawn, unless activated by the motion sensor. When activated, it will switch to 100% brightness.
GreenFor the first five hours after dusk, the light remains at 100% brightness. After that time, the light reduces to 25% and the motion sensor is switched on.  When activated, the light will switch to 70% brightness.
OrangeThe light remains at 70% brightness from dusk until dawn.


  • parks
  • pools
  • community centres
  • bicycle ways
  • car parks
  • playgrounds
  • roadways


ALS: Adaptive Lighting System

Innovative patented technology that automatically adjusts lighting levels according to surrounding weather conditions without impacting passer-by visibility. ALS maximises battery efficiency and life of charge (redundancy).

VFT: Variable Frequency Technology

Special Technology managing LED output thereby maximising battery charge life.

TCS: Temperature Control System

Provides critical battery control system to protect the battery from overheating thus maximising battery life and output.