Solar Lighting

Lighting powered by the sun

Solar lighting is perfect for many commercial and household situations, especially in Australia with our sunny climate. When using solar there is no costly cabling or high voltage wiring and  best of all no ongoing electricity charges for each light is independent and self-sufficient. Whether attaching to a pole or a wall, installation is quick and easy. In no time your lights are up and running.

Atlas Series

Reliable and long lasting light ideal for commercial applications, this popular series comes in 8 sizes ranging from 20 watt to 100 watt.

General Purpose Solar Lights

Handy Solar lights that can be used in various applications ideal for the farm, commercial or domestic use

Solar Garden & Public Space Lights

High quality solar lighting suitable for steps, pathways to public space lighting

Tucano 7 Outdoor Solar Arm Light

This modern and elegant outdoor solar wall light is suited to various settings including gardens, pathways, sheds and entranceways.


ALS: Adaptive Lighting System

Innovative patented technology that automatically adjusts lighting levels according to surrounding weather conditions without impacting passer-by visibility. ALS maximises battery efficiency and life of charge (redundancy).

VFT: Variable Frequency Technology

Special Technology managing LED output thereby maximising battery charge life.

TCS: Temperature Control System

Provides critical battery control system to protect the battery from overheating thus maximising battery life and output.

Billboard Solar Light

Suitable for a range of applications the Billboard Solar Light has been specially designed for the illumination of outdoor signs and billboards.

Arges & Solaris Series

Popular for farm gate entrances, driveways and small to medium yards where equipment is stored.