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Atlas Series solar street lights

Suitable for parks, pools, caravan parks, bicycle paths, carparks or in commercial yards where no grid power is available. With nine models to choose from there’s an Atlas to suit your needs.

Fodder Bix

Fodder Bix is a revolutionary way of feeding that saves time and mess – Ideal for travelling - Each FODDERBIX weighs approximately 2kg and BUNNYBIX 1.5kg - Each feed block is made from a mix of quality hay that animals love!

small-security-solar-light-brisbane1-510x510 (1)
Solar Security Wall Light

This small light can light up to 50m2 with an impressive 1000 lumens. The integrated solar panel keeps the lithium battery charged with free and clean power from the sun. Perfect as a security light or path/wall light.

Shedfast DIY Shade sheds

Australian made and engineered DIY shed kits - perfect as carports, caravan shelters, stock shelters, machinery and much more. - Harnerss or control rainwater with the unique Shedfast gutter system.

light it up with solar

With our high quality Solar lights there is no costly cabling or wiring and no ongoing electricity charges for each light is independent and self-sufficient. Whether attaching to a pole or a wall, installation is quick and easy. In no time your light is up and working.

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  • Our solar lights can light up your home pathway or local park right up to commercial and agricultural applications
  • Shedfast DIY shed kits can cover a bunch of bicycles or pizza oven up to large caravan, trucks and heavy plant or transport. Being Aussie made and up to 3 times faster to erect, they’re worth looking at.
  • Fodder Bix are ideal for people on the move with horses but also great for sheep goats and alpacas. Out Bunny Bix is popular with rabbits and guinea pigs.